Contrived bullshit outrage over the fake Muslim takeover of America threatens to overshadow any sincere attempt at marking this year's anniversary of 9/11. We are inclined to agree with one commenter as to the crappiness of this particular 9/11.

Glucious wrote:

Worst. 9/11. Ever.

Besides the original 9/11, of course.

This is actually true, as proved by our scientific ranking of 9/11s from best to worst:

1. 9/11/08 (First time 9/11/01 felt a long time ago.)
2. 9/11/03 (First time it wasn't super, life-crushingly sad.)
3. 9/11/09 (Nothing really stands out, which is good for a 9/11.)
4. 9/11/04 (Ditto.)
5. 9/11/07 (Russia tested the world's largest conventional weapon. WTF, Russia?)
6. 9/11/05 (Katrina just started.)
7. 9/11/06 (Fifth anniversary. Sad.)
8. 9/11/02 (First anniversary. Very sad.)
9. 9/11/10. (Mosque/Koran burning, other bullshit.)
10. 9/11/01 (Obvious.)

[Image: AP]