It took about 7 minutes for Vogue's Anna Wintour to get bored of mixing with people when she stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue. [Image via Getty]

The Olsen Twins held paper plates, but they didn't dare eat during their appearance at Barneys. [Image via Getty]

Fans jockey for position (get it?) to get a good picture of Sarah Jessica Parker as she enters Bergdorf Goodman. [Image via Splash]


After an outfit change (did she actually buy something?), Sarah Jessica Parker looks ready to leave Bergdorf Goodman. [Image via Getty]

Steve Stoute was delighted by the best buns competition being held between Mary J. Blige and Kim Kardashian at Gucci. [Image via Getty]


Yes, Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester is also shocked she wore a dress this ugly out in public. [Image via Getty]

Wendy Williams demonstrates what she would like her wax figure to look like at the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutique. [Image via Getty]

Diane Kruger played Win, Lose, or Draw at Saks Fifth Avenue. Based on what she's wearing, she already lost. [Image via Getty]

The mannequin known as Posh Spice wants you to kiss her $389 gazillion ring at Bergdorf Goodman.
[Image via Getty]

Breaking: Anna Wintour talks to a blogger. Pint-sized Fashion Rookie writer Tavi Gevinson poses with the Vogue editrix at Barneys. Break out the Drudge siren. [Image via Getty]

Barneys creative director Simon Doonan shows off his new slippers while his husband, Jonathan Adler, was making potter in the next room. No, seriously, he was making pottery in the next room. [Image via Getty]

Karl Lagerfeld treated the Chanel boutique in Midtown like his own personal gay bar as he sat around with hot guys and passed judgment on everyone. [Image via Getty]

Celeb chef Marcus Samuelsson wore carrots as pants when he took his wife, model Maya Hailes,to a party at Macy's. [Image via Getty]

We tried to purchase this Neil Patrick Harris and bring it home and love it forever, but we were told it was not for sale. Stupid Macy's. [Image via Getty]

The Ronson sisters Samantha and Charlotte have found a new declining teen actress to play around with. Watch out Michelle Tractenberg, you know what happened to their last project! [Image via Getty]

Jennifer Lopez would only pose for pictures in front of a picture of herself at Macy's [Image via Getty]

Breaking: Sean "Puffed Diddly" Combs touched Anna Wintour in public. She did not have him killed right there, but his whereabouts today have yet to be accounted for. [Image via Getty]

Sonja Morgan told the other Real Housewives of New York to kiss her ass at the Roberto Cavalli boutique. [Image via Getty]

No, Miss Univers Ximena Navarrete does not get to take her sash off. Actually it has be surgically attached to her shoulder. [Image via Getty]

We have no fucking clue why Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass was throwing darts at Saks. We just hope Vanessa's face was on the receiving end. [Image via Getty]

Wow, this is the madness that ensues when you have Chuck Bass in the house at Saks. We hope Dorota doesn't have to clean up all the mess today. [Image via Getty]

If you showed up to get a picture of the tattoo victim Jesse James is currently fucking, then you are a loser. There, we said it. [Image via Getty]

Hey, Cougars. We hate to break it to you, but you are wasting your time barking up Tom Ford's tree. [Image via Getty]

Gwen Stefani continues to exploit Japanese culture for her own gain. [Image via Getty]

The Olsens signed autographs at the Elizabeth and James Pop Up Shop. They know how to write? [Image via Getty]

Even boring white lady designer Tory Burch loves a man in uniform. [Image via Getty]

It was a meeting of the hair when stylist Patricia Field, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, and designer Isabel Toledo met at Payless. [Image via Getty]

When Halle Berry sold her soul to appear on the September Issue of Vogue, one of the conditions was that she had to personally autograph every copy in existence. She started at the Ralph Lauren Mansion (yes, not a store, a mansion!) last night. [Image via Getty]

Tinsley Mortimer and Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford spent Fashion's Night Out in the lobby of the free clinic filling out forms. No, just kidding.[Image via Splash]

Model Chanel Iman was seen neither with Iman nor at Chanel last night. Guess Victoria's Secret will have to do. [Image via Getty]

Model Elettra Wiedemann said she has a surprise for us in her bag. We wonder what it is. [Image via Getty]

Project Runway contestant Mondo Guerra got jiggy with his muse Lani Starr at the Piperlime boutique. What the hell is a Piperlime? [Image via Getty]

Hey, Rachael Zoe, where's your dreamy sidekick Brad? [Image via Getty]

The long-lost fourth Kardashian sister made an appearance at the Chanel boutique. [Image via Getty]

This well-dressed crew showed up for some free stuff at Sephora. Work, children! [Image via Getty]

In our imagination, Anna Wintour has only one female friend and it is Charlize Theron. They have sleepovers together and stay up late talking about boys, clothes, and total global domination. [Image via Getty]

Perpetually pregnant Heidi Klum went to the Destination Maternity store last night. Guess she's just shopping for another inevitable bun in the oven. [Image via Splash]