Are you aware of the important debate going on in America? POINT: some people who hate gays think gay storylines on TV are 'bad for society.' COUNTERPOINT: Gay people actually think it's good that there are gay characters on TV.

Thank you, CNN, for informing the world of this crucial debate between gay people and homophobes. A Showbiz Tonight segment featured the 'huge debate,' about gay characters on TV. A spokesman for a conservative think tank called the Culture and Media Institute talks about how gay characters 'normalize' behavior that intolerant people don't like. But gay people (and one guy who plays gay people on TV) think it's OK!

And of course, there was a poll. It was pulled after GLAAD protested, but not before 44 percent of people responded that, yes, gay characters are 'bad for society.' Which is almost as depressing as the fact that discourse about gays in television hasn't moved past, like, 1991.