It's fashion week, and with all that booze and all those parties gossip is sure to follow. Today we've got stripping models, a hectoring actress, crash diets, smarmy male models, sex in the front row, and a slew of others.

1. "This foreign born model and celebrity daughter had a little too much of the free booze at one show. OK, way more than a little and decided to remove her bra and panties in front of everyone." [CDaN]

2. "This D list singer and sometime actress absolutely laid into her boyfriend and would not stop screaming at him. Of course since this was like two minutes before the show, everyone stared at the poor guy who did not seem to have done anything wrong." [CDaN]

3. "This very good looking male model and actor used the following pickup line about 20 times. 'Are you a model in the show? You should be. I can help you.'" [CDaN]

4. "No sex this year. So far. But this A list model did decided she wanted to sit in her boyfriend's lap during the show. Each of them did their fair share of moaning." [CDaN]

5. "Which fashion designer fired a staffer at her Greenwich, Conn., store for selling off a whole rack of tunics for $25 a piece? No wonder shoppers lined up to buy every frock—they were supposed to be priced at $125." [P6]

6. "Which skinny female celeb has lost weight through a new US 'wonder drug' designed to stop food being absorbed but resulting in awful diarrhoea?" [UK Mirror]

7. "This Blind comes to us from a former child star who is having trouble now making it in the real world. He says he was done a disservice by his on-set tutor from his days on this famous network '80s sitcom. This tutor is still very in demand and can be found on the sets of Oscar award winning films and Disney has the tutor on speed dial. The tutor is notorious for keeping the kids happy and refreshed when they come back to film. Our washed-up star says the reason for that is that the tutor does all the work while the star takes a nap or plays video games. No wonder most washed-up stars have trouble balancing their check books." [BuzzFoto]

8. "The head of this television show is looking for someone to take over their role within the next couple of years. Ironically, their top choice is a female cast member who receives a lot of criticism from the other talent. If she does take over it will be amusing to watch the rest of the group go from criticizing her to stepping all over each other to suck up to her." [Blind Gossip]

9. "Which early-morning cable news anchorwoman is in such a rush to get to the studio some nights, she forgets to put on her undergarments? Co-workers say the oversight may explain why she's able to charm her way out of speeding tickets." [P6]