A 54-year-old Parisian is either a modern Casanova, a fraud, or the French incarnation of the "anchor baby" bogeyman. He claims to have fathered 55 children, each with a different foreign-born, welfare-collecting mother. Expect this story on Fox News tonight.

This story perfectly encapsulates the nightmare socialist immigrant dystopia that makes right-wing xenophobes froth at the mouth. Paris police won't identify the man "of African origin," but his children cost France a collective $1.27 million annually. Their mothers come from Cameroon, Mali, and Senegal among other places. "At the moment 42 women have been identified and each claim that the man is the biological father of their child," the police say. If it's a fraud, the man will face fines and up to 10 years in prison. If he actually made that many babies with that many women, he'll just get a reality TV show or something. [NYDN]