Oprah Winfrey opened her final season today by trying to one-up her car giveaway when she announced that she's taking her entire audience on an Australian vacation. And John Travolta's flying them down! And the audience freaked out! Videos inside.

Winfrey began the hour by surprising her screaming audience with VERY GOOD FRIEND JOHN TRAVOOOOOLTAAAAA, who slow danced with her as the women in front of them tried not to cry too hard:

Then, Winfrey retold a story about how she tried to bribe Don Johnson to be her first guest when her talk show launched in 1986 by giving him rhinestone-studded sunglasses. And in a complete cooincidence, Johnson appeared on stage to return the glasses to Winfrey:


And finally, the big announcement! Observe the insanity:

[The Oprah Winfrey Show]