According to this newly-released video announcement, Tim & Eric have major plans: a tour and Chrimbus special! The video features a gorgeous array of: Dad references, Wharf & P'kard of Star Trek imagery, Jaws appearances, mispronounced words, and sheer awkwardness.

According to the video, Tim will be "lookin' at ya nude," Neil Hamburger is opening, there will be a live comedy set, and Pusswhip Gangbang will play classic songs from the show. In other words... it'll be like taking acid, without actually taking acid!

The Live Tour will be going to various cities in the US:
Seattle, Portland, LA, Albuquerque, "Eugene," "Chico," Denver, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Columbus, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Hartford, Boston, Albany, Falls Church, Atlanta, Louisville, Nashville, NY, and Burlington are among the ones named.

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