My Boys has been canceled, Ana Gasteyer will guest star on Chuck, Rachel Zoe will make a cameo on Gossip Girl, Al Sharpton gets a Sunday morning show, Kaley Cuoco falls off a horse, and a tribute to Oprah's fans.

This is so brilliant, I'd be mad if we didn't think of doing this while watching the show yesterday. Still, props are deserved for starting an entire tumblr for it: Faces Of The Last Season of Oprah.

In TV News...

  • Rachel Zoe is set to guest star on an episode of Gossip Girl. She'll play herself during an episode centered around Blair's 20th birthday. [NY Daily News]
  • TBS has canceled My Boys. You know, it really wasn't that bad of a show, I found myself glued to the late-night marathons. Not sure if it's because Jim Gaffigan left or if it's because Conan's coming to the network and there's a new bar set for funny... [Ausiello Files]
  • The five craziest things that no one saw coming with the Jay Leno Show debuted a year ago today. [Movieline]
  • Ana Gasteyer will guest star on Chuck as Dasha, a ruthless operative for the Volkoff organization. [Fancast]
  • The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is on temporary medical leave from the show following an accident on a horse. [Ausiello Files]
  • Here's an Entourage parody featuring little people called "Tiny Entourage." [TV Squad]
  • A&E has picked up The Glades for a second season... not that any of you watch, right? [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Here's a first look at Jane Balder on the set of V—she was a cast member on the original series. [TV Guide]
  • Here's a roundup of the 9 most over-the-top stills from Oprah's first show back of the season. [Movieline]
  • Last night's premieres of Gossip Girl and 90210 were down 30% from last year. [The Live Feed]
  • Hmm, this should be interesting: Al Sharpton will launch a Sunday Morning TV show. [TV Squad]
  • Hunter Walker grades all of the major TV networks based on their fall lineups—great read! [The Wrap]

Around the Web...

  • Rumors are still swirling about Jon Hamm being cast in the new Superman: Man of Steel movie. Shouldn't there already be some kind of internet petition I could sign for this? Get on this, people—this needs to happen! [Collider]
  • Here's five "Moments of Nostalgic Zen: Courtesy of Really Old Commercials" from Blistree. The best news is that they're going to make it a weekly thing, so if you need a fix of old commercials, you know where to go! [Blisstree]
  • Mario Lopez is the proud father to a baby girl. AC Slater Junior! [Pop Eater]
  • Sad for Kramer (again) bit Michael Richard has apparently had another meltdown. [Pop Eater]
  • You might as well enjoy going to the movies now—because the future looks bleak for your hometown movie theater. [Premiere]
  • This list of the top ten most-earning comedians is awful to look at. What. Unfunny. People. [Forbes]
  • You can watch's performance of "What I Am" on Sesame Street online. [YouTube]
  • A tribute to the singular masculinity of Patrick Swayze. [Jezebel]