At The LAMP's P.S. 107 after-school program, a group of third graders wrote, produced, directed, and edited Fading Away From Stereotypes. This short documentary is even being screened at Rhino in the Room, an International Queer Film Festival.

In six minutes, you are introduced to Merlin, Stella, and Rebecca; three kids who outwardly admire their peers who go against the grain (for example: tomboys and boys who wear pink), and who don't seem to have any fear of talking about gender issues. They maturely shed light on a perspective of gender-stereotyping that isn't often addressed, and articulate clearly formed observations and opinions about the issue.

Merlin might only be in third grade, but he clearly isn't afraid of asking people what they think of his pink accessories. It's interesting to see perspectives ranging from his peers to a teenage boy, and even adults. Around the 2:15 mark, one of the women Merlin talks to about his wardrobe choice is noticeably uncomfortable about the question.

When talking to the camera about stereotypes, Merlin says, "Why were they created? It's just restricting people to what some, couple of people, think everybody should be like. And, it's like...controlling."

[There was a video here]

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