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Mark Zuckerberg lured a talented chef from Google by offering him the respect he'd been denied. Yet look at the frat-house fare the Facebook CEO has him cooking.

Oh sure, we'd kill for the most of the food "Culinary Overlord" Josef Desimone is serving up over at Facebook. According to a video by Forbes.com's Taylor Buley, the chef prepares an ever changing tasting menu of treats for the social network's coddled employees. He'll even build a meal around a staffer's favorite dish from childhood. Desimone is motivated by the esteem in which he's held at Facebook; he tells Forbes he was treated like "the help" at Facebook's archrival Google.

Facebook's respect for the chef is reciprocated. In addition to healthy, antibiotic-free foods, Desimone says he also prepares for Zuckerberg one of the CEO's favorites: Bacon wrapped hot dogs. If Facebook's willing to reveal that disturbing culinary preference, it must really be serious about trying to distract people from forthcoming Facebook flick The Social Network.

The full chef video is below; our highlights reel is above.

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