Today at Gawker.TV, the Morning Joe gang thinks your favorite band is groovy, Christina Ricci fondly recalls punching SNL's Ana Gasteyer in the face, Will Arnett's suit, and Chelsea Handler gives the inside scoop on her experience hosting the VMAs.

Chelsea Handler Reflects on Her Night as Host of the VMAs
Last night Chelsea Handler used a large part of her show to talk about her gig as host of the MTV Video Music Awards. Highlights include: Lady Gaga's meat dress, PETA, and how surprisingly "together" Linday Lohan was.

Gawker.TV's Richard Blakeley Invades Good Day New York
Today our fearless leader Richard Blakeley appeared on Good Day, New York to talk about Bad Yearbook Photos. However, all that Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly wanted to talk about was how Gawker.TV likes to ridicule morning show hosts. Whoops.

Morning Joe Gets Hip With All of Your Favorite Bands
Joe, Mika and the gang talk about their favorite bands: Spoon! Of Montreal! Vampire Weekend! They almost keep the ruse going until the end of the clip, when Mika's feigned look of understanding drops and she whispers, "Eminem?"

Will Arnett Talks About His First Date With Amy Poehler and What to Expect on Running Wilde
In a special one-on-one interview with Regis, Will Arnett opened up about how he first met his wife Amy Poehler seven years ago. Other highlights include: a clip from next Tuesday's Running Wilde and a very Great Gastby-esque suit.

Christina Ricci Fondly Remembers Punching Ana Gasteyer In the Face on SNL
Christina Ricci appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night to promote her upcoming stint on Broadway. Things took a twisted turn when the two fondly reminisced on Christina punching Ana Gasteyer in the face.