Here's a trailer for the upcoming comedic(ish) thriller The Tourist, about a bumbling American tourist (Depp) who, while traveling in Italy, gets mixed up with a mysterious woman (Jolie, duh) and action/adventure/intrigue ensues. It looks... less than thrilling?

Sure the Venice locales are gorgeous, as is Angelina, and it's directed by the fabulously named Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who directed the wonderful Cold War suspense movie The Lives of Others, but something about it just seems a tad... muddy. Depp is not, uh, appearing to be in top physical form, which is fine, but it makes the other sexiness of the movie — Angelina on cobblestones! pigeons and piazzas! — look a bit lopsided and strange. Plus the trailer is one of those that not only gives out the A-material jokes, but also what we're forced to assume is a pretty significant plot point in the whole mystery. So, boo. It could still be great — I hated the similar-seeming Duplicity trailer but loved that movie. These are, after all, just trailers — but my anticipation has been dulled a bit by this first look.

[via The Playlist]