How are you liking Sarah Palin now, GOP? Her endorsement of wacky Christine O'Donnell clinched her primary victory, which will cost the GOP a safe Senate seat. And now Palin has some words for a furious Karl Rove: "Buck up!"

Palin wants Rove and other establishment Republicans to show party "unity" now that the primaries are over, and a Republican candidate's been picked. But shouldn't Sarah Palin give the establishment at least a day or so to be really pissed off about the Senate seat Sarah Palin just helped Republicans throw away? Not just any Senate seat either — one they pretty much counted on if they were going to take over the Senate. And here's what the first poll — from the reliable Public Policy Polling — portends for O'Donnell's matchup against Democrat Chris Coons:

Republicans more than likely cost themselves a Senate seat last night. Chris Coons begins the general election in Delaware with a 50-34 lead over Christine O'Donnell. Mike Castle would have led Coons by a 45-35 margin.

Buck up! Or just cry. Ouch.