Final Witness is a show that dramatizes true-life crime events and narrates them from the victim's perspective, and, like most crime shows, it will be addictive. Video and a review inside!

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This is one of those shows that will have twelve-hour marathons, which, despite your better judgment, you will end up watching every episode of while procrastinating on a project or nursing a hangover. The first episode is based on the grisly murder of a family in East Texas in 2008, which is perfect fodder for a show like this, given the teenage love story element of the crime, as well as the fact that it happened in Texas, so the actors can wear cowboy hats and have funny accents. The show has a documentary-style structure, with actors playing the victim's friends or relatives, who are recounting the event to an anonymous interviewer. There are also reenactments, which are narrated by the victim of the crime, who gives us his/her perspective on what happened.

It's not quite as good as CSI, or as scary as Unsolved Mysteries, but it definitely has that true-crime series je ne sais quoi that keeps you watching.