Hulk Hogan will host a kids game show, Candice Bergen will play Cuddy's mom on House, TLC renews a bunch of horrible shows, American Idol will take online auditions, Bridalplasty, and OMFG It's Always Sunny begins anew tonight!

Who's excited for the triumphant return of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight? We are! Image via Daemons TV.

In TV News...

  • Tonight, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns and with it, a push for social media to connect viewers. [Mashable]
  • Well this is kind of fun: Candice Bergen will play Cuddy's Mother on House. [Ausiello Files]
  • Lucky you, America! American Idol is accepting online auditions for the first time ever starting this season. Ch-ch-changes! [TV Squad]
  • TLC has renewed a whole slew of crappy reality shows: Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Four Weddings, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Strange Sex and Toddlers & Tiaras. Um, thanks? [TV Squad]
  • The cast of The Big Bang Theory's "hard-balling" tactics have finally paid off—they each have received a big ol' raise! [Deadline]
  • Here's a way to get viewers for a new show: Keri Russell strips down to her skivvies in hopes of promoting Running Wilde. [The Live Feed]
  • How I Met Your Mother's Carter Bays is really excited about the show's season-long story arc. Are we to assume that Ted meets the mother? [TV Squad]
  • Get ready for another horrible reality competition show! This time, it's Bridalplasty, a plastic surgery bridal competition. Major thank you to the E! network on this one. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • This interview with Boardwalk Empire's Michael Kenneth Williams discusses what it's like to work with Steve Buscemi and that they filmed the show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Fun facts! [Vulture]
  • CBS has picked up a script for a new crime drama set in—where else?—New Jersey. [THR]
  • Is Teresa Guidice paying off her debt by selling awkward old photos to tabloid magazines? Yeah, it looks that way. [Gawker]
  • How much does a judge on a Bravo reality show actually get paid? Apparently, not very much. [Movieline]
  • Hulk Hogan will play the judge to a new kids game show called Hogan's Court. Said the Hulk, "We want this to be one of those rare shows that kids and their families can watch together, and all find something to laugh about." [TV Squad]
  • What went wrong with Top Chef: DC? The producers speak in this piece. [The Daily Beast]
  • Looking for a blockbuster in the times of Mad Men—Are films bad, or is TV just better? [NY Times]

Around the Web...

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  • How perfect! Lindsay Lohan might be starring in M. Knight Shyamalan's next movie. That has "trainwreck" written all over it. [Hollywood Life]