Cardinal Walter Kasper, who helped plan Pope Benedict XVI's visit to England, will no longer be accompanying the Pope on his journey, "for health reasons." Certainly not because he just gave an interview comparing Britain to a "third world country."

Yes, that's right! According to Papal travel agent Walter Kasper (pictured), Britain is an awful place, filled with anti-Christian bigotry thanks to a widespread "aggressive new atheism," and when you arrive in Britain, "you sometimes think you've landed in a third world country."

Well, it is basically impossible to get a good slice of pizza in Great Britain. But that doesn't make it a "third-world" country, does it? (Second-world, at worst.) No, no, Vatican sources told the BBC, the "third world" comment was in reference to "the UK's multicultural society." Oh, of course! The United Kingdom is like "the third world" because both have non-white people. Well, nothing wrong with that, obviously.

Even so, Cardinal Kasper will no longer be accompanying Benedict to the United Kingdom. Hopefully he's prepared his boss adequately for his arrival in the third wold.

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