Racist Republican candidate for New York governor Carl Paladino spoke to the Times about his "insular" Democratic competitor, Andrew Cuomo, who he's hated since "watching him on the newsreels." Newsreels? He was probably drinking pop and eating Moon Pies, too.

The brief Q & A with the Tea Party millionaire doesn't exactly break any ground, but it does shore up Paladino's image of being a clueless dickhead.

On Andrew Cuomo:

Insular I think is a very good word for him. Just carrying around this air about him. This entitlement. And I noticed it first when I was watching him on the newsreels, and whenever he was getting out of a car, he would sit there until somebody opened the door."

And what does he think of Democratic speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver?

We have a government out of control. We have a leader in government that's, wait a minute, is he a dictator? He's one man; one man runs our entire government. I'm being blunt about that. Is that incorrect?"

And Carl has a plan to drastically cut state spending:

Who are the political hacks hanging around the office that are there for patronage and causing a morale problem? How do they handle take-home vehicles? Does everybody have a take-home vehicle? Because we heard that's a monster of a problem with state government."

What the fuck does that even mean?

[Image via AP]