Ann Coulter mistakenly raged against "Michael Gross" in a column yesterday, but she meant "Michael Joseph Gross," the author of a recent, damning Sarah Palin profile. Now author Michael Gross has been receiving insane hate mail, and isn't happy.

Michael Gross writes on his website, in an open letter to Ann Coulter:

You made a whopping big (though seemingly small) mistake in your column yesterday and I'm paying for it and I'm disgusted and so I am writing to ask you to help me stop the wave of sewage you've caused to wash up in my in-box. Your mistake was one that no one with a byline should make. You wrote a column about a guy who wrote an article in Vanity Fair this month on Sarah Palin. His name is Michael Joseph Gross. That's Michael Joseph Gross. Not Michael Gross. That's me. And your mistake has been compounded by the right-wing-nuts who read your column, and before that, by others whose reading skills apparently ain't that great.

Here's the sort of email Gross has been getting from Palin's brave defenders:

"Hey Gross….Give me a break . You , wanted to write a positive piece on Palin ? Couldn't find nice uplifting things to write about her ? Please ! You go on MS…DNC and spout your typical Left wing Trash . So she told a little white lie about her experinces about Handicapped Children . SHE DID NOT ABORT HER OWN CHILD DID SHE ? DID SHE ?. A LIB LIKE YOU WOULD HAVE TOLD YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO STICK A COATHANGER UP HER VAGINA IN A DIRTY ALLY WAY..."

How could it be a bad thing to receive hilarious emails like this all day? Buck up, Michael Gross!

[Photo of Ann Coulter via Getty]