Has soulless Starbucks reached a new low? Not content with fighting its own customers over the vissicitudes of bagel grammar, the cold corporate coffee chain reportedly ejected patrons directly into the teeth of yesterday's vicious NYC storm. Oh! The humanity!

The NY Post reports that a Long Island Starbucks forced customers out into the deadly winds and piercing hail of the Perfect Storm, NYC Edition (2010).

"It was like a monsoon," said Gregory Sullivan, 46, of Port Washington, a history professor at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point. He was in the coffee shop in Manhasset for all of five minutes when the lights went out and the staff told customers to take a hike.

Protect your precious caffeine, Starbucks—but at what cost? How many Long Islanders must die so that Starbucks can secure its collection of halfhearted Bob Dylan compilation CDs? We have no idea whether this story is true or not—it is the Post, after all, and you know how untrustworthy Merchant Marines are—but we demand an apology from Starbucks, to all New Yorkers, nevertheless. People over Pike Place Roast!

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