Hey, look: Ground Zero has a Yelp page. And it's only got four stars! We know Yelpers can be harsh, but can't the site of one of the century's defining moments catch a break?

So, the only details on the page is that Ground Zero is not "Good for Kids." Let's check out some of the reviews!

User Brian L. gave Ground Zero just two stars:

I give Ground Zero 2 stars because after 9 years, all we have is a hole in the ground.

Also, no bathrooms!

Of course, a flaw to one Yelper is a feature to another. For Lisa S. the hole is the best part:

I don't see how anyone can rate ground zero less than this. I remember coming here when the two towers were still around, and now it's just a big hole in the ground. Merely walking around the space makes me imagine what it must have been like during the ordeal

Anya F. asks the important questions:

I am not sure how one is suppose to review the site of the largest terrorist attack on US. Am I suppose to be a fan of it or dislike it. How do you rate it. I dislike the fact that we have it, yet we need a place to remember all the innocent people who were killed by islamic terrorists.

Then she gave it three stars. Take that, terrorists!

Ha ha, Bill B. has the right attitude:

Really??!!! Too soon to rate!!!!

Anyway, 9/11 is a living thing and how we remember that day should be able to adapt to new forms of communication. In that spirit, we just checked-in to Ground Zero on Foursquare and get the Tragedy Toursim badge. [via Chris Mohney]