It seems like wherever you go these days, some jerk is trying to talk you out of smoking and drinking all day. The latest know-it-all jerk moves: Regular citizens acting like the smoking police. And warning labels—on booze!

NYC Mayor Mike "Don't Smoke Trans-Fat Cigarettes" Bloomberg's war on smoking has a new line of foot soldiers: New York Times reporters. Specifically, Anemona Hartocollis, who ventured out into our fair city to see what happened when she asked people on the street to put out their cigarettes, since it will soon be illegal to smoke in public, anyhow.

"Seriously?" said C. J. Gruber, 22, a bike messenger, looking stunned. Then he proceeded to pull out another cigarette, as if to make a point. "I don't think anyone is going to enforce this."

This is why the NYPD carries guns. You don't stand a chance, Anemona Hartocollis. You're lucky to have escaped with your life. But even that is not as galling as the actions of the Health Ministry in Thailand, which insists on putting graphic warnings on liquor bottles, as if booze was dangerous, like cigarettes.

One picture shows a shirtless man grasping a woman by the hair and raising his fist to hit her, accompanied by the words, "Alcohol consumption could harm yourself, children and family."

Spot on. That's exactly what you're gonna get if you try to tell us to put out our cigarette, especially if you took our booze away already. These things are just dangerous.

[Teetotaling is the life! Pic: Flickr]