In last week's pilot, we watched Hank and Britt gain entry to a suspect's estate using a stolen bulldog instead of a search warrant. This week, the two unlicensed private investigators turn to bounty hunting to make some quick cash.

When you're a couple of slackers bumming around the fringes of San Diego, though, bounty hunting is best performed by setting a trap and using yourselves as bait. In this scene, Hank [Donal Logue] and Britt [Michael Raymond-James] visit their quarry's last-known girlfriend posing as customers... until Hank decides to improvise. Before long, the pair have spontaneously invented an elaborate protection racket, all but guaranteeing that their fugitive will soon arrive to beat them up.

[There was a video here]

It's hardly a spoiler to reveal that the boys' tails are soon handed to them in a fight scene that does, indeed, trash Ms. Agatha's house. But that's just the beginning! I highly recommend catching a re-run of both this episode and the pilot, if you haven't already. It remains to be seen whether the series can continue to believably depict a couple of low-tech PIs in a post-internet world, but it looks promising.