The Way We Live Now: riding the roller coaster. Playing the blame game. On the comeback trail. On the rebound. Entrepreneurially. And all sorts of other cliches that add up to one big goat on the roof, economically speaking.

You know what's really risky these days? Being rich. That's right. It's risky to be rich, because you're prone to income fluctuations. Of course, in a relative sense, it's riskier to be poor, because, although you're not prone to income fluctuations, the reason is because your income is zero. But that's a socialist way to look at it.

If risk isn't in your capi-tite (that's capitalist appetite, hahaha!), here's a suggestion: be an uninsured American. You and 50 million other suckers, yea. Way to be unoriginal, and not risk-taking.

Ayn Rand would despise you and never date you, for sure.

It's uninsured people like you who always go back to playing the "economy blame game." Don't you know there is no winning the economy blame game? Yes, someone was to blame, but trying to determine who that someone was would be bad for bipartisanship, which is the only thing that 50 million uninsured Americans care about. Nobody wants to see their elected officials bickering with one another, even if that means our nation will be doomed to a neverending cycle of economic boom and bust. Civility in Congress comes before absolutely everything.

Including food.

Why can't uninsured Americans be more like the inspirational class of entrepreneurs arising in Iraq, forging a new national economic identity with nothing but pluck, hard work, and who knows how many AK-47s? The only businesspersons in America today who can hold a Roman Candle to Iraq's heroic entrepreneurial class are the people in Wisconsin suing each other over who can put goats on the roof of whose business. Will they work it out? Whether they do or not, that's America for you.

Always the goat, never the roof (which is pooped on by goats).

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