This 2008 Swedish vampire tale has been hailed as one of the best of it's genre. It's a bleak presentation of a classic story, boy feels lonely, meets girl. Girl turns out to be a murderous vampire.

Let the Right One In tells the story of Oskar, a 13 year old boy with 13 year old issues. After a rough day of being picked on by a gang of bullies Oskar meets Eli and the two play with a Rubik's Cube in a snow filled park. The story of their young (well partially) love is coupled with a series of murders, the victims of which are (big surprise) drained of their blood. Can Oskar warm Eli's heart in the cold Swedish winter? Who is that weird guy that lives with Eli? Just how old is she anyway? Good questions, all of which will be answered in Let The Right One In.

Watch the trailer below:

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