VBS and three-piece-suited wonder boy Ian Svenonius ventures to America's deep, deep south to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, an unexpected Mecca of early rock apostles who founded and run FAME Recording Studios.

Along the way they encountered some of rock's recording greats, as well as a smattering of strikingly cool hillbillies (and a ginger David the Gnome).

Said gnome explains at once point that it's hard to come by a young person in town who can't play the guitar. We even get a glimpse at a metal band fronted by what appears to be a chubby Andrew WK. There's a distinct and deserved pride that comes from both generations of rock disciples that VBS speaks to — Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Little Richard and the Rolling Stones are just some of the artists who recorded in Muscle Shoals. It's sort of reminiscent of Portland, Berkeley, or any artistic enclave in which youth struggles to form self-identity in the shadow of their parents' own stupid-awesome history. But there's an insular wasteland-iness to this particular town that makes it unclear whether or not Vice's brief visit succeeded in truly getting to the heart of this, the most enigmatic boonie in the USA.