Kathie Lee and Hoda's latest gimmick is a "you're not your numbers" episode of the Today Show, where they wear buttons with their age on it and have progressive-seeming discussions. Here's what they revealed on today's episode:

  • Hoda is 46 years old
  • Hoda weighed 101 lbs. in sixth grade
  • Hoda now weighs 146 lbs.
  • Kathie Lee is 57 years old and her husband Frank Gifford is 80 years old
  • Kathie Lee weighed 104 lbs. when she married Frank 24 years ago and claims she has gained one pound each year she has been married
  • Kathie Lee now weighs 129 lbs.

Interestingly, the final segment was about salary, and neither Kathie Lee and Hoda listed those numbers.

[There was a video here]