We bet that few television franchises could survive an actual, non-fictional murder/suicide by one of its champions, but I Love Money lucked out (sort of) when that heinous crime occurred before any of Ryan Jenkins's winning season was broadcast.

So, why not scrap that whole cycle and start over?

If you're feeling generous, you could describe I Love Money as a self-aware parody of reality game shows such as Survivor and Big Brother, exclusively featuring the fame-whoriest losers from other terrible VH1 reality shows as contestants. Or, you could simply call it a TV cockroach — a nasty little byproduct of evolution destined to crawl out of our ashes and outlive us all.

Either way, 18 of VH1's worst/best examples of humanity have once again convened in Mexico to delight us with fake boobs, cheap booze, and the shadiest of schadenfreude-ready vignettes. Whether you enjoy watching exotic dancers bounce across a sandy beach in skimpy outfits, or whether you enjoy laughing as those same poor harlots attempt complex tasks such as walking in a straight line and counting, this clip has something for everyone:

[There was a video here]

Thank goodness my DVR remembered my season pass for this show from a year and a half ago, because VH1 has not been promoting the new cycle very heavily. So, tune in Thursday nights at 11:00 PM EST! This is, without a doubt, the worst/best show on television.