Today at Gawker.TV, Will Arnett and Jimmy Fallon play golf inside the NBC studios, VH1's I Love Money has returned post-murder/suicide, The Soup upgrades to HD, Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal too much, and Katy Perry's boobs guest star on Sesame Street.

Katy Perry's Boobs Guest Star on Sesame Street
Sesame Street is supposed to be for toddlers, right? If so, then why did Katy Perry recently guest star as a playmate/love interest of Elmo? Also, why didn't Perry cover up a bit more? The puzzling—and melodic—video, inside.

Get Excited For The Soup's Switch to HD
This week's episode of The Soup announced the show's transition into the world of high definition. Celebrations didn't last long, as there was plenty to poke fun at: Lady Gaga's meat dress, Kevin Federline, and Shia LeBouf's mispronunciation of words.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Will Arnett Play Golf Inside the NBC Studios
Will Arnett was the guest on Friday's Late Night and what better way to end the work week than a round of golf? Only this round was played inside Studio 6B. Watch the two funnymen work on their golf stoke, inside.

Our Nation's Prayers Have Been Answered: I Love Money is Back on VH1
We bet that few television franchises could survive an actual, non-fictional murder/suicide by one of its champions, but I Love Money lucked out (sort of) when that heinous crime occurred before any of Ryan Jenkins's winning season was broadcast.

Kathie Lee and Hoda Reveal Their Age, Weight, and Other Things You Didn't Want to Know
Kathie Lee and Hoda's latest gimmick is a "you're not your numbers" episode of the Today Show, where they wear buttons with their age on it and have progressive-seeming discussions. Click through for what they revealed on today's episode.