With your help, maybe we can finally destroy Christmas once and for all this year. When we talk about destroying Christmas, you guys comment. And every time you comment, an angel loses its wings! Let's see what you said today.

Specifically, we're talking about the trailer we posted for Christmas With a Capital C, the decidedly pro-Christmas straight to DVD movie starring Daniel Baldwin as an evil Christmas hater. Let's read some of your reactions.
From Arken:

I just thought I'd mention that, as it is a proper noun, Christmas is always spelled with a capital C.

From Chris Braak:

I've got to be honest: I never really wanted to destroy Christmas before. But now I'm kind of getting into the idea.

I am going to go set fire to a Christmas tree farm, or something.

From keverdene:

I'd hate to see what Daniel Baldwin could do to Arbor Day.

From IQslump:

Watching that was like having someone shit on my brain.

That's the spirit!