Has the greatest city in the greatest country on earth really succumbed to blatant dogophobia? Sadly, it appears that a "dog-hating regime" has been allowed to take control in a ritzy Manhattan con-dog-minium. Going to the dogs? Doggone!

At One Lincoln Plaza on the Upper West Side, the bitches (dog pun) in management have proposed a slew of hateful dogscriminatory new rules:

Saying the building has gone to the dogs, the condo board at One Lincoln Plaza will vote Tuesday night on a set of Draconian new rules that would hit violators with $250 fines and bar Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and pit bulls from the building.

They also want to make dogs take separate elevators, and ban dog-walkers with outside dogs from the building. Are dogs second-class citizens now? Are dogs not even human? What would Ma-dog-ma Gandhi or Martin Dogther King think about this? There's nothing sadder than the death of a pet—except knowing that your pet is not being guaranteed its equal rights, explicitly guaranteed in the US Constitution (note to self: check this).

Dog-rageous! Dogs dogs dogs.

[NYDN. Pic via]