Who: Seymour is a model known for her scantily clad Victoria's Secret ad campaigns, her nude portfolio in Playboy, her series of rock star boyfriends, and messy marriage to mogul/art collector Peter Brant.

Backstory: A San Diego native who started her modeling career on a department store runway, Seymour was 15 when she caught the eye of Elite president John Casablancas, who later left his wife for her. Still in her teens, she moved to New York to be closer to Casablancas, and landed photo spreads in magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, and British Vogue. During the mid-1990s, she became one of the most in-demand models, appearing regularly in the Victoria's Secret catalog and gracing the cover of 1994's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. (She also happily bared all for Playboy twice during the decade.) Although she became the face of Chanel and Versace, high fashion was never really Seymour's forte, and she's still best known for the sexy spreads she did throughout the '90s.

Currently: Although she's dabbled on screen—most recently in 2000's Pollock, and a 2002 episode of Law & Order—Seymour is still a working model, albeit mainly in foreign editions of magazines like Italian Vanity Fair, French Glamour and Italian GQ. She appeared in a Gap campaign in 2006 and a series of ads for Ferragamo's in 2007-2008 alongside fellow '90s supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Personal: Her one-year marriage to Tommy Andrews in 1989 gave Seymour her first son, Dylan Thomas. She also had a fling with Warren Beatty and a high-profile engagement to Axl Rose, appearing as his ill-fated love interest in the video for "November Rain." (Their wild, drug-fueled relationship didn't end well, with lawsuits against one another claiming physical abuse.)

She started dating heir/paper mogul/art collector Peter Brant while he was still married; Brant eventually left his then wife, Sandy, and married Seymour in 1995. (He also produced her only movie credit, Pollock). They've since had three children together—sons Peter Jr. and Harry, and daughter Lily Margaret, born in 2004. The couple earned plenty of tabloid ink in 2009 when they announced plans to divorce and bitter accusations were lobbied back and forth. (Brant claimed Seymour was addicted to painkillers and an unfit mother; she claimed he was abusive.) Surprisingly, the couple appeared in a Connecticut divorce court in September 2010 to announce that they'd reconciled and planned to stay married.

Habitat: The Brants live in an expansive home in Greenwich. (The front lawn loudly announces Peter's prodigious art obsession—an iteration of Jeff Koons' famous "Puppy" sits on it.) They also have homes in Sagaponack and Palm Beach.

No joke: Seymour will stand up to criminals-when her valuable possessions are at stake, that is. When muggers held her up on Laight Street in 2003 and demanded her handbag, she refused to part with the expensive bag and handed over her wallet instead.

Vital Stats

Full Name: Stephanie Seymour
Date of Birth: 07/23/1968
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Residence(s): Greenwich, CT; Sagaponack, NY; Palm Beach, FL
Filed Under: Fashion, Models

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