Yup, it just got blown away. Sorry folks, but the ratings don't lie. Also today: Tonnnns of casting news, from monster movies to sex movies to wife movies. Plus some gay Glee scuttlebutt.

To everything there is a season, and for TV ratings, that season is fall! CLUNKKKKK. Worst intro ever. But seriously, there are ratings out now that all the new shows are premiering. The CBS sitcom for fat people Mike & Molly (best watched in widescreen, get it? good) was watched by a lot of America, because all of us are fat. They did 12.2m in fat audience members. NBC's The Event did pretty good as well with 11.2m. But not as well as the genius, wildly creative Hawaii Five-O, which booked (jokes) an impressive 13.8m. One big ol' clunker from last night was Fox's Lone Star, with 4.1m. I just watched the pilot on Hulu and it is not bad. It is trying a little hard to be Friday Night Lights-y, with its dark-haired humble-eyed (also clear-eyed! can't lose!) hero and Texas stuff and, y'know, Adrianne Palicki. Also there were wayyy too many soft indie tunes of the wistful variety (think "Heartbeats", plus stuff with twang). But it is interesting and different, in a nice way. Who knows if the network will hold onto the property despite its low ratings like NBC did with FNL. Doesn't seem likely, as Lone Star has gotten decent reviews, not outright raves. So, ah well. Maybe it needed more fat people. [Deadline]

Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, and David Alan Grier have all been cast in the upcoming comedy We the Peeples. No, it is not a searing biopic about the life of Nia Peeples. It's about a child psychologist (Robinson) who comes to realize that his gilfriend's (Washington) family is all insane. So, OK, sounds fine. But what I really wish it was is We the Peebles, about Mario and Melvin van Peebles. Their story needs to be told! From "Posse" to "Stompin' at the Savoy": The Mario van Peebles Story, featuring Melvin. It just needs to happen. Obviously Kerry would play Mario. And David Alan Grier would be Melvin. We could figure out the rest later. If not that, I would just settle for a remake of Stompin' at the Savoy. [THR]

Uh oh. Remember Chord Overstreet, the sweet-faced young man who got cast on Glee and we all thought he was going to be gay Kurt's gay boyfriend? Well... Looks like that might have been a bait and switch! Maybe. The show is now looking to cast "the recurring role of a cute, charismatic, GAY high school junior who fronts a competing glee club." Ziggurats! So is this a rival for Kurt teen-professionally, or his lurve buddy? Or both? It's hard to tell. For now though, we can speculate about who will win this faaabulous part. I mean, I think it's pretty obviously. Clearly it's going to be Mario van Peebles Mitch Hewer from Skins. Gurrrrrgle. No, that will never happen. Maybe it'll just be Amanda Bynes in a short wig. She's done it before. And she'll do it again. [EW]

OOoOooOoOoo. Rachel Weisz has been cast in a "sex drama." Unlike a sex thriller or a sex musical, a sex drama is about people crying while having sex, sometimes during wartime. For example: For most of the movie, Munich is just a regular thriller. But then almost at the very end it becomes a sex drama. Oddly one of the least present genres is a sex romance. Usually you have a comedy romance or a dramatic romance. Sex romances are very hard to come by. (I would suggest that Avatar is, in a strange way, a sex romance.) Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to burden you with my film degree. The "sex drama" that Rachel Weisz is going to be in is called 360 and it will be directed by her Constant Gardener director Fernando Mereilles. It's all about a circle of people having sex and is based on the same book that La Ronde is based on. So it's Rachel Weisz having sex in a circle. Funnily enough, groups of teenage boys will watch this movie in a circle too. (ZORNGGGG.) [Deadline]

Leslie Mann has been cast as the lead opposite Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change Up, about two dudes who switch bodies. Mann will be playing the wife. Interesting. It's so rare for Leslie Mann to play the wife in things. It's just not something she does in every single one of her movies lately. Ah well, at least she's working. She'll have to contend with Olivia Wilde, a sexy coworker of the one whoever plays her husband is working with or something, because really it's not about Leslie Mann at all, it's about her last name minus an N. [Variety]

Jingles Jehoshaphat Abrams (known to his friends as J.J.) has gone and cast some people in his upcoming monster mash, Super 8. On hand to receive some major dino-damage (we're bringing it back!) are sexy bastard Kyle Chandler, not sexy because she is a child but she might be a bastard who knows these days Elle Fanning (not playing the wife), Noah Emmerich, Ron Eldard, the kid from Big C Gabriel Basso, a tiny person named Zach Mills, someone named Joel Courtney who is hopefully not this person, a guy name'a Ryan Lee (him?), and Riley Griffiths, who is maybe on Facebook, who knows. So as you can tell it's a pretty intensely all-star cast they've got goin' on for this one. Excitingly, Mario van Peebles is on hand to play the monster, with Leslie Mann as his monster wife. Chord Overstreet with play their gay monster son. Mitch Hewer is on hand to come over to my house for grilled cheese and wine. [THR]