Today we told you a terrible, horrifying story about snakes in the toilet. This prompted some of you commenters to share your own creepy crawly stories. We're never going outside or to the bathroom again.

From Katcristol:

Any Filipinos on here? Because my Dad is from there and it seems like every Filipino has a good "snake story." Here are a few gems I've heard from relatives over the years:

- One time a maid opened a laundry machine and a cobra was there. My uncle grabbed a gun and shot it. Apparently cobras, while not native, are a problem after the Japanese brought them over for study.

- A neighbor's family was eating at a table outside, having a pleasant evening meal shaded by some trees. Suddenly a gigantic snake fell from a branch, crashing on the table and breaking it. The family screamed and chaos ensued, of course. Not sure what happened to the snake.

- During WWII some soldiers were resting on a log. The log started to move, and it turns out it was a snake. After they killed it they found the remains of a soldier they had been looking for.

From jafi:

A friend using the rustic facilities of a campground had a very large spider run across her ass while sitting on the seat. It got worse. Her scream attracted people who got there right about the time she stumbled out and fell because her pants were around her ankles. She still checks for spiders under the seat before sitting down...

From bytemehard:

I once had a rat swim up the pipes into my toilet. I heard something splashing. Thank god the lid was down. To kill it I inserted a rubber tube into which, through a funnel I poured first ammonia then bleach. I made the super get the dead mofo out.

From kazillion:

A cockroach shot into my mouth from a drinking fountain once when I was a kid. Never have looked at water fountains the same since.

That last one is... like... death.