Is it just us, or was tonight's episode of Parenthood extra shouty? It seemed that every argument turned into a yelling match. I'll be needing my ears checked after this episode.

Jasmine is going to spend 4 weeks in Europe with her dance company. For some reason, she isn't 100% comfortable with Jabbar living on a tiny houseboat with Crosby the whole time. Things didn't turn ugly in this discussion until Crosby brought up his sister, who's also a lawyer.

This is the most personality I've seen in Jasmine. Normally she's boring and low-key. It was nice to see her get passionate and sassy.


Sarah reentered the work force at her brother's job. This setup was doomed from the start, but it wasn't helped by Sarah's 77 minute lunch with the President of the company. Adam wasn't happy with letting that go without a loud fight, which Sarah gladly engaged in.

How old are those two? Accusing someone of being a quitter is such an elementary school taunt. Grow up, Bravermans.


Later, Sarah told off her parents and kids for not taking care of things while she was out working. It's a kind of ridiculous claim. She had a job before, it isn't like the world fell apart when she wasn't around. Again, Sarah, grow up.