This guy is the master of the in and out—of the closet, that is. He should meet this closeted singer, who's playing it straight. Add a married baseballer and a fledgling fashion designer and it's quite a party!

1. "Guy 1 and Guy 2 were caught full-on making out at an LA club last week. Normally, two gay guys kissing wouldn't create that much of a fuss. However, Guy 1, a TV actor who has played a gay character in the past, isn't out. And Guy 2, who is out, has been regularly dating Guy 3, a closeted actor from a popular tween franchise who enjoys his fries Animal Style. Isn't love grand?" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This singer is probably A list. He has had number one albums including one album that holds lots of records for sales. Anyway, he is always trying to be Mr. Straight and recently he even has been pretending to date this B- list actress. Oh, she has done some television but even her biggest series no one apparently watched because it was over in the blink of an eye. OK, well our singer goes through this charade despite the fact that everyone in town knows he just ended an affair with a male publicist." [CDaN]

3. "Which former baseball star—who is married—was chatting up a couple of pretty young things at the bar of the Mark Hotel? The women didn't recognize the player, who went into cliché-pickup territory by discussing their zodiac signs." [P6]

4. "Which fledgling fashion designer ruined a good relationship with an influential critic by failing to give her a prime seat at his recent show? The critic got payback in her review by calling the collection uninspired and suggesting the designer get some training." [P6]

5. "This famous cable prank show could probably give some great blinds all on its own. We did manage to hear this piece of gossip from the now defunct show: An episode and prank never aired because the celebrity who was the target of the joke reacted in a way that could have destroyed his career. The prank involved being asked to break the law by getting asked out by an underage girl (she was 18 but played 15 on the prank) and when the celeb accepted the young lady's requests, everyone on the show went scrambling to control the situation. A new prank was arranged and staged and the real show was never shown." [BuzzFoto]