Many viewers find product placement despicable, but us post-ironists enjoy watching networks experiment with new ways of making television profitable. When Melissa first displaced her niece's Wii-ing to watch herself on TV last night, I barely noticed the conspicuous plug.

Did you catch it? No big deal, really, but then came the actual commercial:


Well! Nothing out of the ordinary, but if a self-aware sitcom like Melissa & Joey is going to be explicitly "brought to you by" a specific product, I would hope that they'd have a little more fun with it. Soon, though, my wish was granted, with this silliness:

And again!

Well, folks, what do you think? Do you find this sort of advertising disgusting, or do you enjoy it when the programs you watch try new and creative ways to pay the bills? I've long believed that future visitors to the the ruins of our civilization will be far more interested in our ads than our art, but what if they're the same thing?