Before Brett MIchaels was courting strippers on reality TV, some recently unearthed photos reveal he was hookin' up with ladies who were just a bit more...zaftig. Yikes!

Brett Michaels on the right. On the left is Coach Bieste from Glee in better times.

Him: "Please let go. You're...hurting me!"
Her: "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."


Rare Photos: Brett Michaels and His Harem of Homely Honeys from the '80s

"Hah! Headlock! Told ya you didn't want to do this the hard way."


"Woo! This would be totally rad if I wasn't so horrified!"

Another clinger latches on.

Finally, Brett breaks free! Aww yeah ladies, who wants??

Aww yeah bro! She's definitely DTF.

[via Deadline Hollyweird]