Last night *sniff* marked the end (wiping away tears) of this wonderful season of Scrappers. In the finale we got to see our caterpillar Darren sprout his wings and fly off like a beautiful butterfly. Weddings always get us.

Before the wedding, Darren threw back a couple of beers to take the edge off, as family and friends prepared him for his big day. Frankie Noots and Joe Posa even stopped by bearing gifts, only to find out that Darren had a surprise of his own. Then it was off to the church for the ceremony. Bad omens and bad breath aside, it was quite the lovely service. Darren's beautiful bride even managed to get a few compliments out of Darren's usually sarcastic bosses. To quote Joe, "She didn't even look pregnant."

[There was a video here]

Ew, Porno Tongue! Gross, Darren. C'mon.

Finally, what better way to end the season than with a couple anecdotes from our faithful Scrappers? Here we find out a couple hilarious tidbits about Frankie and Joe, and as a bonus Darren shares a quick story from what must have been an extremely romantic Honeymoon.

[There was a video here]

See you next season Scrappers. We'll be missing you until then.