A whole week has passed since we finished live-blogging Season 7, and we've grown a little older, grayer and heavier since then. So it's high time we held a reunion, right? Grab a drink and join us in the comments!

Tonight, we can reunite to live blog Bravo's Top Chef "reunion special," in which the past season's contestants will sit around with Andy Cohen and the judges and dish about what happened this past season. Dish...get it? Note that it airs at 9 pm Eastern—an hour earlier than the show's usual start time—so don't be late! For the benefit of any first-time live bloggers who want to crash the reunion party, here's how it works: We all watch the show together, and post a group live blog of the action in the comments section below this post. Anyone can join—and nobody has to wear a name tag!

So, looking back to the last time we all met, I guess you could say we all wanted Kevin to be Top Chef, and it finally happened. Too bad it was the wrong Kevin. Instead of the talented, likeable Kevin "Beardo" Gillespie from Season 6 , the one we saw crowned last week was Kevin "Blando" Sbraga, perhaps the show's most mediocre and forgettable winner ever. A fitting end, I suppose, to what turned out to be a pretty mediocre and forgettable season.

But there's hope for improvement on the horizon: Today Bravo confirmed to TV Guide that the show's next season, which is now filming in New York, will be an "all-star" edition featuring 18 memorable chefs from seasons past. Rumor has it that the participants will include Fabio Viviano, Carla Hall, Richard Blais, Jennifer Carroll and—best of all—Tiffany Derry, our favorite from this past season, who tragically got the boot just before the two-part finale began. So there's a good topic for "reunion banter" during our live-blog tonight! And another thing we can talk about is how funny so many of your comments were last week. As usual, I've collected a bunch of my favorites in a separate "highlights" post, so be sure to go and read that when you get a chance.

Meanwhile, I've had a chance to view a few preview clips of the reunion show. Here's a sampling of what we can expect tonight:

  • We'll see a few previously-unaired examples of Ed's ham-fisted flirtations with Tiffany, including his suggestion that they "get a little quick one in there before you walk down the aisle...if you wanna try a white guy." Tiffany will graciously laugh this off—something I suspect her fiancé will have a harder time doing.
  • We'll learn that there was even more awkwardness between Andrea and guest judge Michelle Bernstein than we saw on the air—so much so, in fact, that Padma will suggest that the two "maybe … shared a boyfriend or something." If that's true, I hope the poor man's OK. I wouldn't want to be the guy caught between those two.
  • Apparently, even Andy Cohen thinks Ilan sucks. Tonight, he'll say to Ed: "You drew Ilan. Do you think [that] hurt you during the finale?" Ouch!

OK, gang, the reunion's about to start—time to mingle and compare waistlines! And I want to take this opportunity to say that it's been an honor—as always—to host a commenting party this past season with such a bright and funny bunch of people. When it comes to live-blogging, you're all at the head of the class!