Lady Gaga ran into a Politico reporter at a restaurant in the East Village. She signed a copy of the paper "Repeal DADT," but—wait—what is the word preceding those ones? That doesn't say "Cenate," does it? Updated!

Carol Lee tweeted about Lady Gaga signing her paper, and Gothamist's Jaya Saxena (Hi, Jaya!) wrote a post about it. Both ignored the near-inscrutable first word in the phrase, though. After some long, hard staring and a brief office poll, we think Gaga was trying to write "Senate," but somehow (laziness? exhaustion? ignorance?) ended up with "Cenate." The bottom half of the 'S' can be so hard, sometimes.

So, readers, what do you think Gaga wrote on Carol Lee's newspaper? Let your conspiracy theories fly in the comments. [@Carol_E_Lee via Gothamist]

Update: "Carole"! It says "Carole"! That's Carol Lee's name, plus her middle initial, which Lady Gaga didn't know, but probably she thought the -e was part of how you spell it. We are slightly embarrassed that we didn't realize this ourselves, but mostly, we are disappointed that it wasn't "Cenate."