As a proud Colombian mom, one of Gloria's best qualities is the ability to smother her boys with love and leave them wanting more. So what happens when Gloria's mother hen status is threatened by Manny's crush? Find out inside.

As the hopeless romantic he is, Manny's latest love is Kelly. Though he claims they're only study partners, he's already exhibiting signs of detachment from poor Gloria. When she graciously offers deliciously fatty empenadas to Kelly, she declines — because of trans fats. What a hippie. And then Manny does the unthinkable. He refuses his mother's homemade Colombian deliciousness, too.

As if that didn't bruise Gloria's maternal ego enough, then Kelly grows a pair and challenges her knowledge of what makes chocolate milk taste good, pinning Manny as the judge. And with a pinch of salt, Kelly wins round two.


And though Manny fell for Kelly's charms in the beginning, he quickly realized that she was a bit too controlling for his taste. I mean, the girl wasn't feeling his burgundy dinner jacket. And Manny without a stylish date outfit is like chocolate milk without some salt. So he kicked Kelly to the curb of his own volition, and came back home to Gloria for some trans fatty comfort food. That was, until he dialed up the next girl in what must be the beginning of his very own little black book, to play some Six Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon with instead of spending time with his mother.

Gloria was understandably upset, as she let her Latina flag fly with rage, but clearly she's not seeing the big picture, here. Manny is trading up! We all know Sir Francis Bacon is way cooler than silk worms.