Guess what, people! Tonight, the Real World reunion episode aired, and that means only one thing—you get a bonus "Ryan the Real World Homophobe" update! The show was drama-filled, obviously, and all the best Ryan-related moments are inside.

Right off the bat, McKenzie came out swinging, asking Ryan whether he was Bipolar or on drugs (because, to explain his behavior, one of the two had to be true). Immediately, Ryan went on the defensive-cum-offensive and hurled insults her way:

Then, host Marie Menounos asked the roommates whether Ryan was homophobic or "Preston-phobic." Jemmye chimed in right away with "Homosexual!" Obviously, Ryan did not like this:


Later, the Ryan/Preston drama was hashed out, and—while Preston came off as a mature man who learned from his mistakes and was willing to own up to them—Ryan once again reverted to petty, childish insults and defense mechanisms:

And finally, Menounos said something to Ryan that we've probably all thought the entire season, and he answered nonsensically, natch.


It's been real!

[The Real World: New Orleans]