Is there any more news of shocking corruption today out of Bell, California, America's most corrupt town? But of course! Today: the police chief was even more corrupt than previously known. As was the city manager, a thief!

BELL CORRUPTION REVELATION OF THE DAY #1: The LAT reports that Bell police chief Randy Adams, who was being paid $457,000 per year, struck a deal with the city manager and "had himself declared disabled even as he was hired for the post, a move that could make him millions of dollars in tax-free pension income when he retires." This means he and the city actually agreed that he was physically unable to do the job on the day he was hired. Breathtaking work.

BELL CORRUPTION REVELATION OF THE DAY #2: An audit found that Bell illegally and without voter approval "nearly doubled taxes for sewer, trash and other public services." Where did that windfall go? $1.1 million of it went directly (and illegally) to paying the salary of city administrator Robert Rizzo and his assistant. It's like strong-arm robbery, but in a civilized way! Fun fact: Rizzo was arrested this week. (The lady in the AP photo above is kicking a poster of him.)

Bell, California, never stop being you!