Time has passed, but Joaquin is back in Dave's interview chair. The clean-shaven star tries to apologize and promote the film that used his last Letterman interview as its backbone, but Dave isn't one to forgive, not for free anyway.

First Dave makes it clear he had no idea what was going on, and a gracious Joaquin tries to make his intentions understood.

Once the commercial break has passed Dave turns the tables, and demands a cool million from Joaquin, Casey, and their "little buddy," Joaquin's confusion over who their little buddy might be inspires him to ask Dave if he might like to take that conversation somewhere private.


Letterman pronounced "He's a decent kid!" towards the end of the discussion, implying he (probably) doesn't expect any cash. Pretty impressive Mr. Phoenix, Dave hasn't been this forgiving since his second interview with Crispin Glover.