On this week's Terriers, Hank is hired by a creepy loan officer to find definitive evidence of his wife's infidelity... in exchange for his signature on Hank's dismally under-qualified mortgage application. However, this gentlemen's agreement is hardly a bargain.

The wife, strangely, isn't cheating... she's only pretending to be unfaithful because her husband is a masochist who desperately wants to be a cuckold. A tangled web of lies ensues, as Hank and Britt approach the wife and stage a scandalous affair at a seedy motel: Britt plays the beau, while Hank takes photos from the bushes. Secretly, though, the wife is aroused by the intrigue, and after pretending to be unfaithful with Britt, she later shows up at Hank's house for some actual extramarital nookie.

In this clip, the loan officer reveals that although he was initially fooled by the ruse, the knot was not difficult to unravel. Hank, meanwhile, knows the whole truth:

[There was a video here]

Make sure to catch a rerun to find out what happens next. A couple of paragraphs can NOT do the shenanigans at work in this episode justice.

Meanwhile, although Britt's girlfriend is okay with his shady past as a cat burglar, and she is more than willing to tag along while he plays house with a married woman, there is one secret that Britt has been keeping from her. The night they first met, you see, was not as serendipitous as it must have seemed:

[There was a video here]

If that last bit doesn't convince you to become a Terriers fan, I don't know what else to do. This is the best new show of the young season that doesn't involve Steve Buscemi.