Unbe-weave-able as every cycle of America's Next Top Model's makeover episode is, this season's really took the cake. Why? Four words: hair today, gone... today. Here is all of last night's hair-raising drama presented in three parts.

1. The Tease

Of course, with this being the ever important high fashion cycle of ANTM, Tyra Banks began the makeover festivities by talking to the girls about the importance of their model books. As if they didn't already know that, duh, models carry books. (They're not just for practicing your balance on the runway, ladies!). This segued into a discussion about the impending hair appointments, where Tyra left all the girls with just a hint about the changes coming their way.


And then she showed them this. You know, just 'cuz.

Back in 1991, I learned not to stick crayons up my nose but you don't see me bragging about it, Tyra.


2. The Transformation

After they arrived at the Fred Segal salon in LA, the ladies of Top Model were then subjected to various forms of torture at the hands of their would-be stylists. Some came out of their chairs looking fabulous and owning their looks...

And some did not...

3. The End of the Line

But, at the end of the day, makeover day did not only mean haircuts and glue-in extensions, it also meant a surprise elimination for one of the many girls who bitched and moaned their way through their salon visit. And the winner of a surprise trip back home and out of the running for that Italian Vogue spread is...?

And there you have it. After tonight's double elimination only ten girls remain. Do any of them have the power to unseat Ann from her seat of infallibility in front of the camera and the judges? Only time, and the fashion gods, will tell.