It's so cute when action stars, who were popular a decade ago, make a multi-cultural-themed album that sounds like it should have come out when they were last relevant, but was in fact released mid-2005.

Using a musical prowess never before seen, Steven Seagal transcends all barriers created by his typecast roles as the hulking, barely coherent hunk of flesh that we have all grown to love.

"Strut" begins with a bumping reggae-dub beat, and an anonymous crazy woman shouting about wanting a buddy, or a body (I'm really not quite sure). And just when you think it can't get any better, Steven starts slurring multiple euphemisms for "vagina" like a stoke victim, and your mind is sufficiently blown.

Like a martial arts maneuver to the face, Mr. Seagal never ceases to surprise...or severely injure.