The Way We Live Now: spreading the wealth around. Around to the richest Americans. They pay most of the taxes, you know? It's only fair. Besides, with the work ethic Mexicans have, they'll be rich soon, too! Haha. Ha.

The richest people in America saw their wealth rise 8% last year, and not a moment too soon. Do you want them fleeing for the Cayman Islands? Did you know they had a rough year last year? Did you know they create jobs? Did you know they were being penalized for their success? This is the recovery in action.

For the rest of you, there is other news. Not bad news, necessarily—just other news. Wall Street traders are traumatized over low trading volume. We should feel very sorry for them. Home foreclosures are just one huge mountain of incompetence and forgery. That's something for you to think about. Hero legislators are set to approve billions to help small business. There's something for you to cheer on listlessly.

But those are all rather removed from your lifestyle, are they not? Here's something more up your alley: a news story on Mexicans. They work so hard! Everywhere you go you see Mexicans working hard, which is why we have the Tea Party, these days. Could hating hardworking Mexicans be just the resentment to get you "back on your feet?" Maybe so! Give it a try. You're not getting any richer. Trust us.