What do you do when you've been cooped up in a house on South Beach for a few weeks with nothing but endless booze and catty fights? You revert to college style antics and pranks, like tonight's Jersey Shore.

Fighting and hooking up, for the most part, took a back seat this week to genuinely playful jokes on housemates for the first time since this season started. Snooki decided to show how much she loved her roommate by showing her some affection at a very awkward time.

[There was a video here]

Basically, the entire house reverted to college student levels of maturity. Counters are littered with empty Vitamin Water bottles, people are hooking up in rooms while their roommates are asleep feet away, there are arguments over who is slacking on their cleaning duties and there's more booze than any other non-toxic liquid in the house.

And most importantly, and say what you will about the Jersey Shore cast, but my God do these people know how to prepare drunk food! In one scene alone, I count chicken tenders, fettucini alfredo, tortilla chips and chocolate cake. For a crew of people who can barely manage to hold conversations after a night of clubbing, this is an impressive spread of snacks.

But just like every other week, things eventually boiled over when the Situation noticed one of Angelina's used "feminine napkins" lying on the floor of the bathroom, and pulled the ultimate college roommate retaliation by putting her mess in her bed.

[There was a video here]

As usual, this led to blows, which started as the episode's end credits began to roll, and will almost definitely lead to Angelina's continued alienation in the house. As if you didn't see that coming.

Until next week, kids, stay in school!