A 25-year-old "habitual felon" and convict named Eric Chambers has been charged for trying to sneak a Samsung cell phone into a prison in North Carolina. He twice set off metal detectors before police found a phone in his ass.

Chambers is described in court documents as a "validated Gangster Killer Blood" and has been charged with 16 different prison "infractions" over the past two years, according to The News & Observer. As he was entering the state's Central Prison, Chambers set off a metal detector. He pulled a flattened piece of metal from his mouth and passed through again. When the metal detector went off a second time, police found a "red and silver" Samsung cell phone up his butt. What can you really say to that? Ouch? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

After taking a look at Chambers' call logs, police determined he participated in an "ongoing drug conspiracy, both inside and outside" the Central Prison. Among other infractions, Chambers has been charged with "unauthorized use of a phone." Ha, no shit!

He really should have known better.